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Light Of the Nations Zionism MX Voted for It is not (11 months 12 days ago)

3000 Years a Go, God/Allah/Jesus You Name It Gave the Jewish People "Ir David-עיר דוד" (City of david) To be He's Only Shrine on Earth, After a long Period of Occupation by the Jealous...The Chosen People Return Home. Now as in 1948 Zionist Israel Bond With God/Allah/Jesus is and will be for the Eternity Because the Zionist Jewish state is the Solo Shrine of Jesus/God/Allah. On This earth*** Thank you Jesus/God/Allah for let me Witness your Miracles.***

Sam MY Voted for Yes it is (11 months 14 days ago)

James MY Observer (2 years 1 month ago) Those who support israel know no truth and too coward to accept the truth. Murdering unarmed civilians, just to accomplish their motive to build an illegal so called nation of Israel, these Zionist spread lies. Yet people believed them without investigating the truth. I feel sad for them.. They even swore and use bad words to support their points, how pathetic :/ Eh and by the way, remember the football match when Christiano ronaldo fought Israel with his team? He refused to swap jerseys with them ~

Michael Cope US Voted for It is not (11 months 20 days ago)

I wonder why Muslims can insult folks on here but we cannot speak to their insults in return? Let's see how I can word this without facing censorship. Muslims seek to rule the world. Their numbers are growing. However God is not mocked Israel is his land filled with his people. If man tries to defy God no matter your religion God will deal with you in such a way you will hate the day you were born! Be warned if a man divides Jerusalem or the land of Israel to make peace he will be the antichrist! He will lead everyone into damnation! If Muslims believe they are descendants of Abraham then they should know this from scripture themselves!

Ameh Eneojoh Observer (11 months 20 days ago)

No Israel is not a sadistic paranoid psychopathic terrorist nation but a God's own.

Helen NG Observer (11 months 22 days ago)

JERUSALEM is, has always been, and will remain the undivided capital city of ISRAEL. Nothing or nobody can change that truth no matter how hard they try! Praise the LORD, Hallelujah Hosanna amen

jafni4 TH Voted for Yes it is (11 months 23 days ago)

Voting is not necessary. Because everything is Palestine. Israel and Donald Trump The terrorist is the invader. The vote does not make sense of good people change. The truth is the truth Israel and Donald Trump are terrorists.

Azra PK Voted for Yes it is (11 months 24 days ago)

This vote is biased and is not being portrayed correctly. Google is pro-Israeli. Why is it conducting this farce?

Abdul izqandar MY Voted for It is not (11 months 25 days ago)

They was very hypocrite and very cruel

Yudha ID Voted for It is not (11 months 28 days ago)

Indonesian Muslim unite because of the words of Ahok (ex-governor of Jakarta), Muslim of the whole world unite because of the words of Donald "Duck" Trump.

aziz nur soleh ID Observer (1 year 1 day ago)

Yaa Alloh yaa robbi,save palestina,,amiin

Tinnelle88 NZ Voted for Yes it is (1 year 29 days ago)

IS-REAL-HELL Israel created terrorism by blowing up king James hotel, they are to blame for millions of Palestinian refugees nakba - Israeli Jews blew up Americans 9/11 - Jews took over Russian murdered 60million civilians gulags holodomors - with Jews you lose!!

Should we dance on the Streets? MX Voted for It is not (1 year 9 months ago)

A masive suicide bomb ripped through a revered Sufi shrine in southern Pakistan on Thursday, killing at least 72 people and wounding more than 250 in one of the deadliest terrorist attacks in Pakistan in years, police officials said.

The UN is a Joke! US Observer (2 years 4 months ago)

The UN is playing right into the hands of Hamas, by sheltering civilians right next to Hamas fighters, Hamas weapons and Hamas tunnels. Then the United Nations and the international community accuses Israel of doing precisely what Hamas intended Israel to do: namely fire at its terrorists and kill United Nations protected civilians in the process. It’s a cynical game being played by Hamas, but it wouldn’t succeed without the complicity of UN agencies.

@muhamad brallabrallah DE Voted for It is not (2 years 9 months ago)

If you are a real muslim you would understand that Israel and palestine should live together. But you are a fake muslim - so you are lost.

Muhamad badrul Observer (2 years 9 months ago)

one day Islam will unite (jihad) to destroy Israel end of the world # pray for Gaza # malaysia support gaza allahuakhbar!!!

HEARTLESS PIG ESTINIANS & isis MX Voted for It is not (2 years 11 months ago)

Jama'at al-Tawhid wal-Jihad (Arabic: جماعة التوحيد والجهاد‎, Organization of Monotheism and Jihad) was a militant Jihadist group led by the Jordanian national Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. This group's name may be abbreviated as JTJ or shortened to Tawhid and Jihad, Tawhid wal-Jihad, Tawhid al-Jihad, Al Tawhid or Tawhid. The group started in Jordan, then became a decentralized network during the Iraq insurgency in which foreign fighters were widely thought to play a key role, though some analysts said that it may have also had a considerable Iraqi membership. Following al-Zarqawi's pledge of allegiance to Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda network on October 17, 2004, the group became known as al-Qaeda in Iraq (official name Tanzim Qaidat al-Jihad fi Bilad al-Rafidayn). After several rounds of name changes and mergers with other groups, the organization is now known as Islamic State (ISIS).

Support Islam=Support terror! US Observer (2 years 11 months ago)

I have never seen "good" news report about anything relating to Islam. There is only violence, rioting, mаssаcаres, hate, jihad, terrorism, anti-western, antisemitism, suicide bombing, flag burning, beheading, rockets, lack of women's rights, etc. Does the world really need this hypocritical, intolerant and hate-filled brainwashed way of life? When was the last time anybody heard of anything good about Islam?

@james scurries DE Voted for It is not (3 years 1 month ago)

just words - but no truth is in the words. just words - but without consequences. just words - like a cascade.

scurrlys MY Voted for Yes it is (3 years 1 month ago)

Please USA...we beg you...You're the only one who can stop the bad behavior of the Jews..even majority of you stand for israel..the hope still there abd may god open your heart..

Israel is our a friend and ally! US Voted for It is not (3 years 1 month ago)

The majority of Americans stand united with Israel, and we do not believe all the lies being told regarding the Jewish people. The Jewish people have been our neighbors, co-workers, and friends and they are part of the very core of this nation. Don't forget this is still called a Christian nation, and it is the God of the Jewish people that we pray to, and trust in. Now, perhaps some of our youth may be confused, but as they mature they too will realize how much you prevaricate.

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By: jerfre314, June 19, 2010


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